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Suprema RealPass-N Compact, Multi-functional, Full-page Document Reader

One-Step Scanning of Multiple Document Types Designed from cutting-edge functions to capture image and data from multiple documents including ICAO

Suprema BioStation 3

The BioStation 3 is the very latest in facial recognition solutions from Suprema. Designed for the post-pandemic world, BioStation 3 offers multiple contactless authentication methods, including Facial Recognition, RFID Card, QR and Barcode and Mobile Access.

Signature Pad signotec Sigma

Original price was: $28.Current price is: $26.
The signotec Sigma is the upgrade to the signotec Sigma LITE, as it is equipped with an approx. 4-inch (10.4 cm) monochrome display (LCD), optionally with or without backlight. The RTP sensor captures the electronic signature with a transmission rate of up to 500 Hz in 1,024 pressure levels. In addition, the Sigma can also show simple graphics and text information on the display.

Suprema BioMini Combo

Original price was: $15.Current price is: $15.

Contact/ Contactless Smart Card Reader with Authentication Scanner

Suprema BioMini Plus 2

FBI PIV Certified Authentication Scanner

Suprema BioMini Slim 2S

Ultra-slim FAP20 Standalone Authentication Scanner

Suprema BioMini Slim 2


Ultra-slim FAP20 Authentication Scanner

Suprema BioMini Slim 3


Ultra-slim FAP30 Authentication Scanner

Suprema SFU-550


FBI PIV/STQC Certified Authentication Scanner Module

Suprema SFU-S20A


FAP20 Standalone Authentication Scanner Module